Poems and Prose in Print

A. Books

Poetry Collection Dualities published by Hedgehog Poetry Press on 28 September 2020 

https://www.hedgehogpress.co.uk/product/sharon-larkin-print-edition (paperback)

https://www.hedgehogpress.co.uk/product/dualities-sharon-larkin-ebook-pdf-edition/ (pdf version)


Poetry pamphletInterned at the Food Factory published by Indigo Dreams Publishing in January 2019 after being highly commended in the IDP Pamphlet Competition in 2017
















B. Inclusion in Prizewinners’ Anthologies

Shortlisted in the Cinnamon Press Debut Poetry Collection Competition 2016, adjudicated by Jan Fortune and Ian Gregson; ten of my poems showcased in the Cinnamon Press Anthology 2017.


Jan Fortune:  “The quality of these finalists was so high that the decision was almost impossible. We finally wrestled five very fine submissions down to two  …”  “The shortlist was outstanding and the other excellent finalists – Sharon Larkin, Mick Evans & Vivienne Tregenza will be featured in an anthology  …”

The following 10 poems in the Cinnamon Press anthology (October 2017):

View from the benthos
Under observation
Damsel dancing
Shaggy ink caps
What passes between
Departure, 1st April
Expanding universe


Long-listed in Cinnamon Press Debut Poetry Collection Competition, November 2012 and medium-listed in the 2013 Cinnamon Press Debut Poetry Collection Prize Competition, Cinnamon Press Debut Poetry Collection Competition adjudicated by Helen Ivory and Martin Figura.  Inclusion of three poems from the 2012 Competition 


in Cinnamon Press May Day 2013 competition prizewinners’ anthology (ed Jan Fortune), published October 2014 Cinnamon Press Debut Poetry Collection Prize 2014


Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 00.32.21 Cinnamon Press Mayday Anthology


First Prize in Silhouette Press competition (judged by Adam Steiner), with publication of the poem Rain Circle in the Circles issue of Here Comes Everyone magazine, April 2014

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 00.33.10Here Comes Everyone Circles Edition


Poem Cutting Strings runner-up in the Mothers Milk Books competition 2013 (judge, Angela Topping) and inclusion in the anthology Parenting (ed Teika Bellamy), September 2014

  • Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 00.34.02Mothers Milk Books Parenting Anthology

    Poem First Class Anomaly one of the prize-winning poems in Gloucestershire Writers’ Network competition 2006; published in winners’ anthology and read the poem at the Cheltenham Literature Festival that October.


C.  Poems in Other Anthologies

Poems Shrink and  At the Apple Orchard Clinic for Eating Disorders in the anthology Despite Knowing – poems on addiction, selected by Veronica Aaronson.













Despite Knowing – Poems On Addiction




Four poems (listed below) in To Dads with Love, an anthology edited by Aurélien Thomas, for which I also provided the Introduction:

Dad’s Dibber, Convalescent, Daddy, What Passes Between

Published June 2021, proceeds go to the charity Families need Fathers https://fnf.org.uk
Available from Amazon:


Poem Lessons Learned on the anthology Bloody Amazing from Yaffle Press, 2020 

Lessons Learned in Bloody Amazing


Poem The New Middlemarchian in An Insubstantial Universe from Yaffle Press, 2020, in collaboration with Leeds Trent University, celebrating George Eliot’s bicentenary.

 An Insubstantial Universe,


Dampier’s Drip, a poem about water in the context of Ascension Island, is included in Well, Dam, compiled and edited by Rebecca Bilkau, published by Beautiful Dragons Press in October 2019

Screenshot 2019-10-25 at 19.29.06



A sequence, The Collector 1-3, included in an anthology, Invisible Zoos edited by me with Simon Williams, published by Eithon Bridge Publications in October 2019.

Screenshot 2019-10-25 at 19.17.20.png




Poem ‘Fawn, drinking’ included in the For the Silent  published by Indigo Dreams Publishing in May 2019.  

Screenshot 2019-10-25 at 19.10.11




Five TV-inspired clerihew included in this publication, on Muffin the Mule, Emma Peel and John Steed, The Prisoner, Dr Kildare and Bronco Laine.


Poem Bond included in The Poet’s Quest for God, published by Eyewear Publications, 1 July 2016, edited by Fr. Oliver Brennan and Todd Swift


The Poet’s Quest for God


Poem View from the Benthos included in the Zoomorphic anthology Driftfish edited by Susan Richardson and James Roberts, published in December 2016,


Driftfish from Zoomorphic


Poem Spots in Indigo Dreams Press Heart Shoots anthology (ed Ronnie Goodyer) in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, 2013 – alongside poems by Penelope Shuttle, Moniza Alvi, Pascale Petit and others.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 00.34.21

Indigo Dreams Press Heart Shoots Anthology


Poem ‘Incompetible’ in the anthology All a Cat Can Be  (Eithon Bridge, June 20180



Poems ‘Bypassing Paradise, Stumps Cross’, ‘Winter at Taddington’ and ‘Both Sides of the Valley’ in the anthology ‘The Poetry of Gloucestershire’ (Eithon Bridge, 2020)






Three Poems, The Collector I, II and III in Invisible Zoos, poems from a poets on a residential masterclass with David Morley and Pascale Petit at Ty Newydd, North Wales, in September 2018.Published by Eithon Bridge.



Invisible Zoos – published November 2019


Poems Losing Face and The Fallen Women of Cheltenham in Cheltenham 300, poems for the 300th anniversart of Cheltenham as a Spa Town, November2016

Other titles – Cheltenham 300


Inclusion of a poem in the Algebra of Owls quarterly anthology, Number 3, March 2017, editor Paul Vaughan

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.56.56

Algebra of Owls Anthology, 3


Poem Therianthrope in Clear Poetry anthology 2016, January 2017,
edited by Ben Lanyard


Clear Poetry Anthology 2016

Poem Mismatch in Clear Poetry anthology, December 2015, edited by Ban Banyard



Clear Poetry Anthology



Two sonnets, Arachnophobe and Caught in a Web, in Poems on Spiderspart of the Maligned Species project, published by Fairacre Press, 5 February 2016.  Edited by Nadia Kingsley.


Fairacre Press Poems on Spiders


Poem Out in Poems on Stinging Nettles part of the Maligned Species project, published by Fairacre Press, 26 February 2016. Edited by Nadia Kingsley.



Fair Acre Press – Poetry on Stinging Nettles


Poem Noli me tangere in an anthology of Pandemic poems from Gloucestershire Poetry Society, October 2020


D.  Poems published in printed magazines

Poem La Trinchera in Magma 76 Resistencia issue edited by Leo Boix and Nathalie Teitler



Poem Wood Pigeon in Obsessed with Pipework 73, February 2016

Obsessed with Pipework magazine


Another Proposal in Issue 30 of Prole 2020 editor Brett Evans

Fowl for Dinner in issue 27 of Prole, editor Brett Evans

Packing Heat in issue 25 of Prole, editor Brett Evans

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 22.44.50

Prole magazines are available here:



Poem ‘Circuit Training’ in Reach Magazine No. 188, Indigo Dreams, May 2014

Poem in issue 186 of Reach Magazine, Indigo Dreams Press

E.  Prose articles published in printed magazines

A Review of ‘A Life of Guto’r Glynn’ by E.A.Rees, y Lolfa Press in IOTA Magazine, Issue 87

Editor of the Cheltenham Arts Council ‘Perspective’ Magazines, also contributing various articles to these:

June – September 2019

Click to access Perspectives-Issue-June-Sept-19-web.pdf

February – May 2019

Click to access Perspectives-Issue-20-Feb-May-web.pdf

October 2018 – January 2019

Click to access Perspectives-Oct-2018-Jan-2019-download.pdf

June – September 2018

Click to access Perspectives-June-Sept-2018-SHARE.pdf

February – May 2018

Click to access Perspectives-Feb-May-2018.pdf

October 2017 – January 2018

Click to access New-Perspectives-Issue1.pdf

June – September 2017

Click to access Perspectives-Issue-June-Sept-17-Web.pdf

Before becoming editor of Perspectives Magazine, I contributed articles to the following editions

February- May 2017 – Item on Cheltenham Poetry Society’s Anthology ‘Cheltenham 300’ and poems from three members of the Society:

Click to access CAC-Perspectives-Issue-14-Feb-May-17-web.pdf

Click to access Perspectives-Issue-12-web.pdf

The following edition of Perspectives, October 2016 – January 2017, has an article introducing me as the new Chair:

Perspectives magazine for Feb – May 2015 carried two of my poems, before I became Chair of Cheltenham Arts Council. They were ‘Taddington, January’ and ‘Cactus Bowl’ – readable here:

Click to access Issue-7-web-download.pdf

The first issue of the new format Perspectives Magazine, in the Spring of 2013 carried an article of mine entitled “Poetry: Obsolete or Important – You Decide”

Click to access PERSPECTIVES-ISSUE-1-Web.pdf

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