Interned at the Food Factory

My pamphlet, Interned at the Food Factory, was published by Indigo Dreams on 7 January 2019. The poems are dedicated to anyone who might describe their relationship with food as ‘complicated’.

Reception of the poems, prior to and following publication, has been pleasing. Observations received have so far included the following:


From Brett Evans, poet and editor of Prole magazine:

“… gets better with each read, and the initial read knocked me for six. …”
“By turns vulnerable and sassy, heartbreaking and funny, consistently insightful and readable, the food in these poems is no spread for some twee picnic.  In an age of increasingly innocuous poetry, Sharon Larkin is to be applauded for the rawness included here and for an exceptional instinct for the emotional weight and balance of her poems”.
From poet Kate Noakes:
“In these poems Sharon Larkin weaponises the language of food; sometimes witty, always moving. Watch out. This is a place where you must check whether ‘the knife drawer [is] closed.’


From Dawn Bauling, Indigo Dreams Publishing:

“Full of wit and cheeky humour but a nonetheless serious intent. This collection has a real glisten to it – that makes you want to read on and on…”


From Poet Deborah Harvey:

“So much that resonates … What I really like about it, though, is the exuberance that offsets the sadness; that was unexpected. I found it very funny and very earthy.”


From poet Belinda Rimmer:

“A sense of menace runs throughout the book. Food comes to fill in gaps of many shapes and sizes, to compensate for lack? There are lighter tones too – food is treated playfully and lovingly, as well as with disgust. This is a place where self-denial and overindulgence collide. Everyday language is used in surprising ways….Wonderful and painful poetry.”


From poet Dee Russell-Thomas:

“ I very much enjoyed reading this…food for plenty of thought and a most apt dedication. Well done on a perceptive collection of painful poetry.


From Anna Saunders, poet and founder-director of Cheltenham Poetry Festival:

“… an excellent collection … Vivid and sparky and original. Beautifully written”.


Thank you to all the above poets for taking time to read the poems with perception and understanding. Your kind comments are much appreciated.


Food Factory on Tour

The following readings from Interned at The Food Factory are coming up this year. (Open to further invitations; please contact me to arrange).

Evesham Library – 10 May 
(thanks to Sue Johnson) 

Cirencester – 20 June 
Corinium Radio Writers’ Room programme 
(thanks to Rona Laycock) 

Wells, The Fountain – 1 July
(Thanks to Ama, and Rachael Clyne)

Welshpool, Verbatim – 29 July
(thanks to Pat Edwards) 

Poetry Café London – 25 September, with Brett Evans, Holly Magill and Marie Lightman. 
Date subject to confirmation

Gloucester, venue to be confirmed, during Gloucester Poetry Festival with Belinda Rimmer – 16 October
(thanks to Ziggy Dicks)

Gloucester Poetry Festival with Roger Turner and David Ashbee venue to be confirmed – 26 October, 
(thanks to Ziggy Dicks)

3 thoughts on “Interned at the Food Factory

  1. Thanks for following my posts.
    A very strange thing happened tonight. I was watching the Stephen Poliakoff film on tv and the credits at the end had someone called Skaife in the list. I turned to my husband and said that I used to know a Jimmy Skaife and his girlfriend Kallie in the 1970s. I decided to Google them and the name Skaife d’Ingerthorpe came up on your site, so that was how I found you. I knew Paul Skaife too. He stayed in my parents’ house.
    I have just moved to your area and have brought out my first anthology- stocked by Blackwell’s, Oxford! Something poetical is brewing!

    1. Lovely to hear from you! So sorry not to have replied before. It’s intriguing that you found me through Poliakoff – whose work I love – and the name Skaife (Michael Skaife d’Ingerthorpe has been a friend, fellow poet and fellow Welsh learner of mine for well over 12 years). Please do keep in touch, especially as we are in the same area, and with such interests in common!

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